Meta World

A blockchain Game metaverse powered by Play to Earn games.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the 693 world.

is a metaverse and virtual world game developed on the Blockchain. It is completely decentralized and you can make money from it in different ways.

The first phase of the project

We divide the earth into countless parts, but not all parts are available and not for sale. The supply of land is done each time for a specific subject. We first sell the fields to build football clubs, then we hold football matches between regions, cities, countries, continents, and then international competitions with big prizes. Buyers build their clubs using graphic tools or they can use our prefabricated parts with a great variety for free.

Earn clubs:

After building the club and stadium purchased on the ground, clubs can build players that start with the elementary level and amateur, and after training and competitions, players become stronger and go to higher levels, and for level competitions. They come higher and can participate in city competitions Clubs can sell their club in its entirety or sell the land they bought in the initial public offering. Clubs can play friendly matches together, strengthen their players, and make money from NFT advertising and sales.

After the team wins a place in the city tournament, they participate in the Continental League, and then in our virtual world World Cup and win the grand prize plus the World Cup, which is an NFT cup. Clubs can transfer players and earn money. NFTs for clothes, shoes, medals and trophies are all lucrative for clubs. Also from around the world advertising, sponsors who can find themselves or use our advertising system and earn money. Clubs can earn money by selling spectator tickets because only those who bought match tickets can watch the game.

In order for our virtual world to create the same and permanent opportunities for everyone, we enter the passage of time in this world like the real world, but more rapidly. The lawn needs to be replaced.
As a result, other jobs can be created, such as building material stores and repairs and maintenance, all of which earn money for early buyers of land.

Ticket sales and spectators

What is the benefit for the club owners?

A match is held at the regional and city level and two clubs compete with each other. During the match, there are interesting scenes and special goals like the real world that happen once and these scenes can be seen in the form of video and photos. It is recorded and then sold by the clubs that conducted the match in NFT format only to the spectators of that match. Proceeds from the sale are divided equally between the two clubs at all times.

What is the benefit for the audience?

Viewers are exclusively able to buy NFTs, and they have first-hand NFTs and can sell them later at a higher price. This gives both the clubs a lot of motivation to hold matches and attract spectators, and the spectators only have the chance to get a first-hand NFT in the matches. It is up to the clubs to agree to sell the ticket at any price they want or it is free to get more customers for the NFTs of that match. But the capacity of club stadiums is not large. For each club that holds its regional and friendly games, there are 500 people. But those who do not have a club but only a stadium can rent it and earn money.

AI and real players

Competition system: Competitions are initially done with artificial intelligence. That is, matches are run by artificial intelligence based on player strength, training, player readiness, team lineup, substitutions, and other criteria that can be added. But at first it is like this, and later with more funding and expansion of the game, we also add gameplay such as FIFA and Pro Evolution games to it, and clubs can control the players in the game themselves. Clubs hire people to do this and tell them to play for them, and this creates a more serious competition in the real world.

Later, with the expansion of the game and the virtual world of 693, the probability that real clubs want to have a club for themselves in this world increases, because it is easier for them to earn money and promote the club or better manage the fans of real clubs in this world. . Real clubs can sell their NFTs at a higher price and earn extra money

Advertising system

We can create an advertising system for ourselves or work with Google’s advertising system. In a match, clubs can use part of the off-field advertising from our advertising system and another part if they have their own sponsor. For example, the football field is displayed in three dimensions for them and they choose each part and there are two options for them, our advertising system or their own sponsor ad which can be in the form of video file, animated image or Be still photos.


We set up special betting facilities and landowners can set up their own betting shops.

After the release

After the release of the football game and its expansion, we will hold other sports matches with the same features in this virtual world.

These are all small parts of the 693 virtual world, and the expansion of this world will be such that it will be quite similar to the real world. In later phases, a number of other plots of land will be released for sale to be used to build houses. After football matches, other sports start in 693. We are adding to the world the transportation industry, including taxis, buses, and airline agencies and rail services, and anyone can have one of these jobs and earn money by buying land. There are so many ideas, wait for more surprises. Buy land as soon as possible! Because this initial public offering at a very reasonable price is the only opportunity for land buyers in the initial public offering, and later you have to buy land at much higher prices. Earning in 693 and many opportunities are available to early buyers of land.